B'nai Sholom

Reform Congregation

Albany, NY

Yom Chamishi, 21 Av 5776

 sign c150We are very glad to welcome you to B'nai Sholom, a place Reform Jews and their families -- of whatever backgrounds -- can truly call "home."

We are located at (click here for directions):
420 Whitehall Rd
Albany, NY 12208

Please join in our worship, our studying, our celebrations. We look forward to getting to know you.  Please call us at 518/482-5283, or e-mail us at office@bnaisholom.albany.ny.us.

Shabbat services usually begin at 8:00 PM.  On the first Friday of each month, they begin at 6:00 PM.

We hold Saturday morning services at 10:30 AM at least once a month. Please check the calendar to see what’s going on.

Office Hours:  9:30 am - 2:30pm Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays.  Closed Tuesdays

--Rabbi Don Cashman, the officers, trustees, and members of B'nai Sholom

B'nai Sholom appreciates all who kept the synagogue running.over the past 2 years

 Deb Adler  Arthur Alowitz  Elizabeth Alowitz  Rita Alowitz
 Mary Black  Joel Bloom  Joel Blumenthal  Sarah Bracken
 Josh Brody  Mark Brody  Pamela Brody  Rondi Brower
 Mimi Bruce  Don Cashman  Kevin Chorost  Lisa Chorost
 Ric Crawford  Bert Cromling  Ellie Davis  Jim Davis
 Liz Davis  Molly Davis  Randy Davis  Noah Degrout-Elias
 Barbara Devore  Jack Devore  Jesse Dinkin  Ian Duckor
 Adam Elias  Paul Finkelman  Jasmine Fleischer  Judy Fruiterman
 Roy Fruiterman  Liz Gingrich  Eric Goldberg  Maxine Goldberg
 Gail Golderman  Doug Goldman  Bruce Goldstein  Edith Goldstein
 Rema Goldstein  Lois Gordon  Deb Greenberg  Liz Grisaru
 Anne Hausgaard  Brenda Hazard  Gary Hoffmann  Barney Horowitz
 Laurie Kaplan  Jodi Kerper  Ben Klamka  Jeff Klamka
 Josh Klamka  Rebecca Klamka  Grace Klein  Steve Klein
 Amy Koren-Roth  Yossi Koren-Roth  Mitch Levinn  Susan Libby
 David Liebschutz  Libby Liebschutz  Laurie Lieman  Ann Lowenfels
 Becky Marvin  Ben Marvin  Steve Morse  Barbara Nahmias
 Howie Nahmias  Bob Negris  Julie Novkov  Shira Novkov-Bloom
 Deb Nozik  Barbara Nussbaum  Richard Nussbaum  Margie Pass
 Barry Pendergrass  Paula Philo  Richard Propp  Melissa Putterman-Hoffmann
 Candy Raderman  Susan Radosh  David Ray  Cheryl Reeder
 Mark Reeder  Ben Rethemeyer  Jill Rifkin  Richard Rifkin
 Hal Rosenthal  Ron Royne  Terry Royne  Martha Rozett
 David Rudinger  Nancy Rudinger  Jim Savitt  Joan Savitt
 Bill Schwartz  Sheila Schwartz  Stuart Schwartz  Laurie Shanks
 Ann Shiparo  Mark Silverbush  Brian Sinkoff  Francine Sinkoff
 Carol Smith  David Smith  Doug Smith  Susan Steinhardt
 Bettina Stoller  Howard Stoller  Marilyn Strassberg  Pam Strassberg
 Richard Strassberg  Linda Strohl  Janet Strominger  Ethan Suib
 Max Suib  Stella Suib  Hana Sullenger  Herb Swift
 Ruth Swift  Margaret Tabak  Valerie Tabak  Marty Teumim
 Phil Teumim  Harvey Tress  Gail Volk  Mati Vosburgh
 Sharona Wachs  Stacy Wager-Pacuk  Kelly Young  Dayle Zatlin

Prophets completion May 7 2016 r600

On Saturday May 7 we finished the Psalms! After 24 monthly sessions with coffee, bagels, cream cheese, herring, egg salad, fresh veggies, lox, babka, ice cream, and other goodies, we concluded this round of Psalms study. This followed 9 1/2 years working on the Prophets. Next up: the book of Proverbs, which should take about a year, followed by Job for another year, then we'll knock off the Five Megillot (Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Esther) which combined will take a less than year


We meet 9:30 AM to about noon once a month to study the Sacred Texts (usually the first Saturday of each month; but is subject to change).  Bagels, coffee, and other goodies are provided by members of the group on a "pot-luck" basis.  As always, everyone is welcome to attend these sessions, and dozens of people regularly join the circle for fascinating discussions and delicious food. 

The other Saturday mornings of each month we study the current weeks' Torah text from 9:30 AM to about 11 AM .  All are always welcome.BYOB or use one of B'nai Sholom's Bibles.


Jodie Rosh HaShana 5775We love our Sukkots and Rosh Hashanah luncheons, but we don't have many photos of congregants enjoying the food and fellowship that only happens once a year. 


Thanks to the photographers among us (with a shoutout to Fran Sinkoff!) who came through with pictures from the wonderful Rosh Hashanah luncheons arranged by the Membership Committee, spearheaded by Terry Royne & Bettina Stoller. And thanks to those who hosted. Smiles were bountiful, along with terrific food. The New Year certainly started off sweetly.

Please take out your smart phone and snap some shots to share with the Communications Committee! Send them to Deb Adler, twinmom4@verizon.net , so we can post the best ones on the web site and on Facebook. Thanks!

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Our community is actively involved with coordinating the efforts of the congregation’s activities, fulfilling the mitzvah of tikkun olam, repairing the world.

Click here for our Social Action.

Youth Groups

Israel Education & Advocacy

IsraelADULTS -- Over 100 people have traveled on our 8 congregational trips to Israel in 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2012.  From age 3 1/2 to over 80, we've gone from the Golan Heights up north to Eilat in the south, and once went over to Petra in Jordan.  While our itinerary varies each time, we always spend plenty of time in Jerusalem, and visit Safed, Masada, the Dead Sea, and Tel Aviv.

HIGH SCHOOL -- We provide scholarships for our High School students to visit Israel on Summer programs.  Our students have gone on trips sponsored by NFTY, Ramah Seminar, HaShomer HaTza'ir, BBYO,Young Judea, and Nesiya.

COLLEGE -- Many college students from B'nai Sholom have gone on Birthright-Taglit trips to Israel, FREE trips for students ages 18-29.  Our members can get priority status for KESHER Refrom Movement trips by contacting Rabbi Cashman

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