Capital District Alliance for Universal Healthcare

Richard Propp

 Through the Social Action Committee, B’nai Sholom supports the nine year old Capital District Alliance for Universal Heathcare, also known as CDAUH. CDAUH has held monthly meetings at BSRC since June of 2005, following a 2004 Shabbaton at which it was concluded that there was a need to reach out the greater community to form an interfaith organization to achieve healthcare for all as a right.

 Over the ensuing years CDAUH has held public for a, rallies, Medicare anniversary parties, press conferences and marches. These activities have emphasized the need for a single-payer system, as in HR676, Representative John Conyers’ bill for improved Medicare for all bill.

 Since January 2013, CDAUH has screened “The Healthcare Movie” more than 25 times to over 900 people, followed each time by a robust discussion.

 CDAUH also helps to plan and carry out successful advocacy days in support of single-payer bills.

B'nai Sholom Albany NY