Financial Obligations

Q.  How much are the dues?
A.  Membership for all new members is free for the first year. Membership for all those age 35 and under is free.  Between ages 36 and 40, members see 
their financial responsibility increase each year by 20% of the full amount, so that, by age 40, a member is paying full dues.  Dues are paid quarterly.

As of July 2021, dues per quarter are as follows:

Congregant Age: Individual Membership: Family Membership:
35 & under $    0 $   0
36 $  53 $106
37 $106 $212
38 $159 $318
39 $212 $424
40 & older $265 $530
Q.   If I’m under 35, then I can join with no financial obligation?
A.   Yes, that’s right. Of course, voluntary contributions are always welcome, but that’s up to you.
Q.   What if I’m under 35 but my partner is older?
A.   The dues rate for family membership is based on the age of the younger adult in the family.
Q.   If I turn 36 in the middle of the year, when do my dues increase?
A.   We operate on a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year. Dues are based on a member’s age on July 1 of each year and are constant until July 1 of the following year.
Q.   If I join in the middle of your fiscal year, how is my first free year measured?
A.   Your membership will be free for four quarters, beginning with the first full quarter after you join. For example, if you join in February, you’ll enjoy 
free membership for the middle of the quarter in which you joined, i.e., until the end of March, and then for another four quarters until the 1st of April a 
year later.
Q.   I belonged to B’nai Sholom years ago. I miss it and want to come back!  Am I a “new” member eligible for a year of $0 dues?
A.   “New” members are defined as those who have not belonged in the previous five years.

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