Tikkun Olam – Going Green

Tikkun Olam – Going Green:

It is our moral, religious and ethical responsibility to do all that we can do to repair and preserve the world we live in and fulfill the important mitzvah of tikkun olam by making “greening” a high priority on our Jewish agenda.

As a first step in our process of creating a more “green” synagogue, the Social Action Committee has officially started a recycling program in B’nai Sholom. Our current waste carrier has a unique recycling program called Single Stream Recycling: a technology that allows you to place all recyclables, such as fiber (newspaper, office paper, cardboard) and non-fiber (glass, tin, aluminum, plastic) in a single container for collection.

Look for the green recycling bins with clearly marked orange signs that will be placed in each room with a list of the items that can be recycled. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT ONLY RECYCLABLES BE PLACED IN THE BINS AND NO OTHER ITEMS. If any item that is not listed gets mixed in, the entire load of recyclables will be deemed contaminated and therefore not recyclable. The bins will be emptied into a recycling dumpster by our maintenance man Tim.

Think globally, act locally: reduce, reuse, recycle.

*For more information on Capital District Community Gardens and the Squash Hunger Program, please visit this web site: http://cdcg.org/SquashHunger.html

B'nai Sholom Albany NY