October 2020 Bulletin Ref2

Introducing “Moments”

Dear Congregant,

On Rosh HaShanah I proposed an experiment to create a congregation-wide program that has great potential to strengthen our community.  This year we are requesting that you make a commitment of time to the Temple by designating a certain number of opportunities for the Temple to engage you.  We are calling these “Moments.”  To donate “Moments” is to write a blank check for a specific number of times the Temple can ask you to participate in some service, program, lesson or event, in the course of this next year.  In essence you will become a “Super Volunteer” for the Temple, the type of helper who walks into the campaign office and declares: “What would you like me to do?  Put me to work!”

In a few weeks you will be asked to complete a survey inquiring about your interests, desires, skills and aspirations.  There will be more questions than a typical survey and it will take about 20 minutes to complete.  Why so extensive?  For many reasons.  If you say you once played or currently play a brass instrument, the Temple will know if there is the potential to create an army of shofar blowers for Rosh HaShanah. Knowing when you usually have free time can make scheduling Temple events more effective.  Finding out if you share interests with other members will allow the Temple to develop new programs that will connect you to others in a more profound way.

You may already be donating many hours to the Temple. I know many are. Since I arrived in Albany, I have been awed by the dedication and hard work of so many congregants.  And it’s wonderful to see!  This request to donate a certain number of moments is “above and beyond” what you are doing now.

So why participate?

First, you will be a model for others.  When asked if you are part of the program, your positive response might influence the congregant who used to be active but perhaps has fallen away from Temple life.  Second, the Temple may not be aware of many of your hidden talents and skills.  Just completing the survey will strengthen the synagogue’s “known assets,” because it will bring to light the combined knowledge and talents of its members – which is the truest treasure.  And finally, on a personal level, becoming a “Super Volunteer” may help you to stretch a bit by, say, being asked to attend at a Zoom program or study session you might not ordinarily have chosen.

Your survey will arrive by email shortly.  I encourage you to fill it out as soon as you can.  Your answers will be shared only with the B’nai Sholom “Moments” Task Force headed by Ben Marvin and Amy Koren-Roth and will not be published.

When every person chips in, the whole community is strengthened.

B’nai Sholom Reform Congregation will surely thrive through the participation of everyone who cares.

Once again…. Shanah Tovah!

Rabbi Katz

B'nai Sholom Albany NY