Oneg Guidelines


Thank you for hosting an Oneg Shabbat for the B’nai Sholom community.  We hope you find it an enjoyable experience.  Feel free to call us if you have any questions. 

Rabbi Cashman arrives approximately 30 minutes before the service starts, at which time you will have access to the building.  Rabbi Cashman will lock the building when he leaves.  Be sure to turn off the lights on your way out. 

Oneg set-up will be easier if you bring the food pre-plated.  Platters are located in the lower cupboards on the left side of the kitchen.  Plates and bowls are in the upper cupboards on the right side of the kitchen or may be in the dishwasher from the previous oneg.  Please empty the dishwasher if there are clean dishes in it.  Plan enough food and beverage for forty congregants.  Some members of our congregation keep kosher and others limit their intake of sugar.  While our synagogue building is not kosher, please avoid serving shellfish, pork, and pepperoni and always provide a sugar-free item in the oneg.  Also, please note the ingredients of each item on an index card placed in front of the item, so those with allergies can avoid them.

An early service (6 pm) is offered on the first Friday of each month; on these dates, it is recommended that the oneg include cheese and crackers, fruit, and vegetables and hummus.  At these early services, please also bring a challah and set up a tray of grape juice for the oneg.  At the other services (8 pm), it is recommended that the oneg include sweets and fruit.  Beverages such as juice, sugar-free seltzer or soda, and water should be included, as well.  Feel free to be creative with your ideas; these are just suggestions.

 Coffee is provided by the congregation, but you need to bring cream or milk.  Instructions for preparing the coffee are posted on the coffee-cupboard door in the kitchen.  One of the coffee urns emits a whistling sound as it heats; this is normal and it is ok to use.  Decaffeinated coffee is recommended for the evening oneg.

Clean-up is essential to keep our building pest-free.  Please wipe the tables, bring all unused food home with you, wash 
and put away dishes or load the dishwasher and start it, and wipe counters.

Garbage and Recycling:

Please bag all garbage and empty it in the garbage dumpster on the left side of the parking lot. Please put new liners in the 
wastebaskets and the garbage can.  If you choose to dump the green recycling container, thank you!  Just remember that plastic bags
cannot be included.  The recycling dumpster is clearly marked and is located at the back of the parking lot.

Thank you, again, for providing these sweet treats to the B’nai Sholom community and for helping to make our Shabbat services 
warm and welcoming.

Linda Strohl

Hospitality Committee 

(Updated 1/20/19)

B'nai Sholom Albany NY