Do Not Use this Test Interface


20150119 Construction New Salem South RdThis article represents functions that are under construction and should not be used.  Results may be unpredictable.
 This page is only for test development and the donors will be able to access the NY Charities web page directly from the ‘Giving’ webpage.
    The following will end up on the Giving page.

In addition to the above funds, donations may be made to any of the B’nai Sholom committees listed at: committees

Please be advised that transactions through the NY Charities interface should be completed within 10 minutes to ensure a successful transaction. If you are doing multiple transactions, NY Charities recommends that you close your browser in between each secure transaction. Failing to do so may result in some information not being captured.

The transaction on your credit card bill will reflect as processed through the

The minimun donation is: $10.00

To make a donation from multiple people (i.e.: Bruce and Edith XXXXXXX) place both names in the Billing Name field of the Checkout screen.(Request has been made to create a field for this on the Donation screen)

Once your donation is completed, you will be returned to the B’nai Sholom Home Page.


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