Purim Baskets

Purim is a day of taking and giving pleasure. For years, we have rejoiced in our deliverance from Haman through the mitzvot of Tzedakah and Mishloah Manot: Tzedakah is performed by donating food or money and Mishloah Manot by sending sweet treats to friends. Once again, BSRC will provide congregants the opportunity to fulfill both of these mitzvot.

The Fundraising Committee’s bakers will be producing dozens of yummy Hamentaschen cookies, which will be combined with wine or fruit juice, fruits, nuts, candy, and other treats in festive gift bags. Every congregant family will receive one gift basket, but all congregants will have the opportunity to sponsor these baskets as a way of sending a personal holiday message and gift. You can honor your fellow B’nai Sholom friends and support the congregation’s fundraising efforts while participating in this wonderful tradition


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B'nai Sholom Albany NY